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This is the CAREFALL Board of Directors:


JD Vaughn
Board Chairman

JD has, over the course of a 30-year career, developed and led execution efforts that quickly built partnerships and business relationships with partners and channels.

๏ Sage Research - Chief Revenue Officer
๏  Vidtel - Chief Revenue Officer
๏  Polycom - VP North American Sales
๏  VideoServer - VP / Chief Revenue Officer
๏ Accord Networks - VP / Chief Revenue Officer
๏ AT&T - Regional VP  Director, National Accounts

Michele O'Bryan
Board Member

Michele, an experienced CEO and COO, leading sales and operations in high-growth startups as well as Fortune 500 companies.  Co-founder and Partner in several entrepreneurial endeavors, raising funding and developing differentiating AI.

๏ Co-founder & CEO QicTic
๏ Co-founder & CEO Compass3
๏ COO PosTrack Technologies
๏ VP & GM Level3
๏ VP Sales NEC
๏ VP Sales SBC/AT&T

Dan Acquafredda
Board Member

Dan, a business development and monetization expert, brings extensive experience with early stage company development. Specializing in technology licensing, working with startups to build win-win relationships with larger, well-established market leaders.
๏ MultiTaction, Inc - CEO and President
๏ Ricoh Americas - Director, Advanced Services Strategy
๏ Mile 25 Consulting - Managing Partner
๏ ClearOne - VP Global Business Development
๏ Fuze - VP Sales & Business Development
๏ Vidyo - VP Business Development

This is the CAREFALL Team:


Peter Zaharkiv
EVP Technology and Marketing

Peter is a film/television producer and a Professor of Entertainment Marketing & Filmmaking at UCLA and Woodbury University. Systems engineering, architecture, software, hardware & production development :
๏ Disney Studios ๏ Universal Studios ๏ MGM Studios,
๏ 20th Century Fox ๏ Warner Bros ๏ Paramount.
๏ Director of Technology, at Kaiser Permanente Medical Group.

Michael Baker
Director Channel Development

Michael, accomplished executive and start-up leader, with over 30 years of experience in development, introduction, and sales.

๏ Global VP of Sales, VDO360
๏ Strategic Business Development, VADDIO
๏ Global VP of Vertical Markets, Polycom
๏ VP Sales, ParkerVision
๏ Market Development Manager, Panasonic
๏ Regional Sales Manager, Sony

David Maldow
Social Media Marketing

David is an experienced video producer, live streamer, writer, and content creator. With almost 20 years as an analyst of the video industry, he has a unique understanding and insight of the video technology market.
๏ Let's Do Video - Founder and CEO
๏ Telepresence Options - Managing Partner
๏ Wainhouse Research - Analyst
๏ Maldow, LLC. - Attorney



The CAREFALL Technical Advisors:


Ray Glenn
Business Development Advisor

Accomplished sales executive with a proven track record of building and managing sales organizations and distribution channels.

๏ President meeting and Conferencing Integrator – Sold to BT
๏ VP sales - Americas of Networking Company– sold to Juniper Networks
๏ VP sales Americas of Video Company – Sold to Avaya
๏ EVP Sales Conferencing Company – Sold to Avaya

Alan Lin, M.D.
Medical Development Advisor

Dr. Alan Lin is a renowned Sports Medicine Specialist with involvement ranging from the London Olympics and working with professional athletes from the PGA, ATP, UFC, NBA, and WNBA .
A specialized interest in locomotive evaluation and studies, he has contributed significantly to gait and engineering research in prestigious labs across Denmark, the UK, and the United States.

๏ President of Ortho-Gen Medical Group
๏ Educated and trained at University College London, UC Davis and Odense University Hospital in Denmark .

CAREFALL - An International Health care Technology Company

CAREFALL is AI hardware and software technology being distributed as a new health care product into North America by a seasoned American management team.

One of the largest ongoing problems in the health care and extended care market are the injury risks resulting from accidental and unexpected patient falls. The elderly that are particularly exposed to this risk are those that have limited mobility. Patients can't be watched every moment, nor do most want to be. AI monitoring removes the infringement of individual privacy, but still providing around the clock well being supervision that can report immediately to caregivers when a situation has gotten out of hand.

About Us

Falling injuries aren't limited to incidents within the confines of the clinic, hospital or home. Falls in the workplace can be particularly dangerous.
Workplace injury in dangerous work environments warrant the applicaiton of CAREFALL technology that can keep an eye on the workspace when there is no one else around.

Our Mission

CAREFALL is here to provide solutions to make private and public spaces safe.
We want to be able to install unobtrusive monitoring everywhere, and at the same time provide smart and intuitive monitoring for caregivers.

Our Clients

Our current clients are clinic, extended care facilities and homes that need extended care services.

A significant number of major organizations in health care and home care are currently interested in the CAREFALL technology.